My kitchen!


So…I know, I know, it has been months since I’ve posted, but with moving and work, it has been a crazy two months! Nonetheless, here it is, my new kitchen! I enjoy cooking in it more and more each day. Made my first soup in the new kitchen yesterday…Stuffed Shells Soup.


As I write this, I am testing a new “Russian” apple pie recipe. If it turns out good, I will be sure to post the recipe.

I love having so much room in my new kitchen. I’ve always wanted a window by the sink. I get to look out into our backyard and seeing trees and birds as I do the dishes. I also love having granite countertops, although I am not looking forward to having to seal them often.  I bought this new sealer called Granite Gold? We haven’t used it yet, so we’ll see if it’s any good.

I ordered my first blender and slow cooker yesterday. Yay! Since our previous townhouse was tiny, I had no room in the cabinets to keep any cool kitchen appliances/gadgets. So I got excited when I saw how much storage space I now have in my new kitchen and decided to splurge on some gadgets 🙂 Looking forward to making smoothies and BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!!!

Well, the apple pie is ready, have to go! Will post some recipes soon!


Dr. K

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