Guest Post: Remodeling Your Kitchen and Getting A Modern Look

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Remodeling Your Kitchen and Getting A Modern Look

One of the best things that you can do for your home is change out the kitchen that you have. If you are looking at renovating or remodeling for the sake of selling down the line, the kitchen is where you should set up shop. Changing this around can not only add a lot of square footage, it could create inherent value in your home that can end up giving you a great amount of leverage when it comes time to buy or sell property. As you start to look at options, consider a few elements that will give you a good modern look.

The Cabinets

The first thing that has to get updated is the cabinet layout you have. Take them all out and start from scratch. Look for a different style, different colors, and wood grain styles. You don’t have to go natural here, you could go modern with colors of grey, black, or just about anything you can think of. The goal is to have something that stands out, gripping individuals to stick around when they enter the kitchen. Cabinets can isolate or expand an area, so keep that in mind as you consider moving forward.

The Appliances

One of the most compelling options that you are going to want to look into is this, appliances and other kitchen gadgets. The appliances that you choose should not be an afterthought of the design layout that you have in place. Instead, find a way to create accent pieces that tie everything together. There are a lot of different options that can explore in this category, and while it’s not construction related, it is definitely interior designer related.

Adding An Island (with or without sink)

Whether you want to add a sink or not, it’s up to you. However, a good island will give you more work space, and cut off the kitchen from those that are working inside of it and those that are just wanting to stop by and have a little chat. This can help you with a variety of tasks, and give you ample storage space underneath.

The Counter Tops (and accents)

The counter tops that you get should be of stone or composite materials that are going to last a long time. Many people don’t think about how this can tie everything together, and overlook it. Carefully choose the countertops and make sure that you add accent pieces for the backsplashes, walls, and more. As you start to remodel, consider how you’re going to organize your kitchen and whether or not you are going to have an open layout, or something a bit more closed off.

At the end of the day, the modern look and feel that you are looking for can be found within the confines of several layouts. When in doubt, look into modern magazines that showcase images of kitchen designs from homes around the country. With just a little inspiration, you could very well have something compelling to change your home’s kitchen around. Ask a designer for an estimate as well, and you could get a few ideas to think outside of the box.

About the author

Steven Larson is an avid food enthusiast who loves everything about cooking and especially using modern tech in cooking that can make even a novice cook look like an expert chef. He occasionally shares his opinion about the latest and craziest kitchen gadgets on the Kitchen Gadgets Wars blog.

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