Happy 1st Day of Spring!

springMy most favorite time of the year is finally here – Spring! Well, aside from crazy amounts of pollen and insects coming our way, I am excited for warmer temperatures and the abundance of fruits and vegetables at the market. Which means, cooking more with fresh ingredients! Wooohoo!

With Spring, comes the dreaded spring cleaning. Most of us embrace it – having to throw out old, dusty stuff hidden in our attic, basement, or garage, makes us feel great, while some of us loathe it. Having two jobs and doing Grad school, AND planning some other personal things sure makes one question if they have a free minute to breathe, let alone do spring cleaning. Some of my previous blog posts – probably from last Spring, are about cleaning shortcuts. I am including links to those posts here for your convenience, because who are we kidding, if you don’t have the time to read these, you probably don’t have time to clean, am I right?

10 Cleaning Shortcuts

Tips on How to Organize Your Kitchen

DYI Household Cleaner

Hope you find these links helpful. What are some of your favorite cleaning tips? Share below.

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