Why Home Cooking Matters

In 2013, 1 in 3 of American children were either overweight or obese!

I am currently taking a course from Stanford School of Medicine on Child Nutrition. Even though I don’t have any kids (yet), it’s always good to be prepared, right? 🙂 For the past 10 years I have made home cooked meals for my husband and I and we rarely go out to eat. We only try to buy organic ingredients, no processed food of any kind, and I always prepare make-ahead meals on one day of the week (usually on Sunday), so that we can just heat and eat during the week. With our busy schedules it’s easy to turn to junk food and fast food, but spending a few hours just one day a week preparing meals for your family is worth it. By not eating out or eating processed foods, you control the salt, fat, and the quality of the ingredients. I am a big advocate to cooking at home, not only you save money, but it’s more delicious and nutritious.

So I was glad to find a course on child nutrition and I am thrilled to see that others support my idea of cooking at home. Of course, there will always be a time when you are either too tired, or sick to cook at home, and end up ordering takeout, and that’s ok. Once in a while is ok. But most of the foods you and your family eat should be home-made.

I wanted to share the very first video that I watched in the class that I am taking. This video definitely puts things in perspective and hopefully it motivates you to cook at home, and cook with your kids!

Click on this link to view this 3-minute video: Why Home Cooking Matters

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