Food Calendar and Giving back

I have been pretty busy with school, hence the lack of postings. But today is Friday and I am “trying” to relax my head a bit and do something I love the most- cooking and blogging.


So the holidays are coming and each year my hubby and I volunteer by preparing meals for a homeless shelter. Typically, it’s on Thanksgiving. Many non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area have volunteer opportunities this time of year and we jump in to help as much as we can. The last few years it has been where we go to prepare meals for those in need on Thanksgiving day. Giving back to the community definitely makes you feel like you are making a difference in someone’s life. Did you know that 1 in 3 children battle with hunger each day?

This year we are volunteering again, for an organization called Lift Up Atlanta, their mission is to provide homeless women and children with safe housing, food, clothing and other services designed to help them meet their basic needs, to support their education, and to empower them to reach self sufficiency. So I will be volunteering by preparing and serving a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless families.

This year I decided that I am going to design a Food Calendar for 2014. Proceeds (50%) will go towards a non-profit organization supporting homeless families. If you would like to order, please let me know by commenting below and I will contact you privately. Each calendar is $15 and will come with the recipes for each photo shown (one for each month, 12 total). 

Here is a sample of what the calendar will look like. Note: the design and colors will change slightly, this is just a sample image.

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