Avocado Blueberry & Orange Muffins – Refined Fat Free

Bunny Kitchen


It’s no news that I’m obsessed with baking with avocado. Not only does it replace refined fats with unprocessed, body kind fats but also gives such a wonderful rich, moist crumb to baked goods and a very slight lime hue that I just find so attractive. What’s not to love?


I know the idea can be odd to some and I also know some have had bad experiences. I don’t doubt this – the first time I used avocado in a chocolate mousse, I couldn’t swallow it. The avocado was really ‘there’. I think for me it was probably the raw aspect and a large quantity of avocado in relation to the entire recipe.


In the baking recipes I have used avocado in, I have not had this issue at all, only results that make me love its use more. The ratio of avocado to the other ingredients combined is…

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