Stick a fork in me, cause I’m done!

I am back!!!!! Class ended (for me), finished writing my final paper yesterday – two weeks earlier. Woohoo!!! For the next month I am free from school work. So what does that mean? Means more cooking and baking – oh and blogging!!!!!! This has been the toughest class yet in my doctorate program. It was driving me crazy half way through – but I fought hard and after the last 9 weeks of grueling work, I can finally relax.

So, what’s on the agenda? Planning to make an Apple Cobbler. I am so tired of summer, definitely ready for Fall. But it’s kind of hard to imagine Fall when it’s 90 degrees outside. Maybe if I turn up the air conditioner it will be cold in the house to trick me into thinking that it’s Fall.

Anyway, apple cobbler recipe is coming soon! Anyone cooking this Labor Day weekend?

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