Fig and Cinnamon Slice

This is Emu


I’m out of school now, which means it should be summer. It means that days at the beach are plenty and weeks go by without a cloud in the sky. That just isn’t the case at the moment! Dark clouds are still overhead, meals aren’t prepared in the morning to save the oven from heating up the house, I’m sitting here in flannel pajamas and slippers and outside the leaves are wet from the night’s rain. It just doesn’t seem right!

The positive news we can take from this is we still have an excuse to devour fresh baking, drink all the tea in the cupboard and still enjoy warm bowls of soup without sweating.


Everyone has different ways of dealing with dark, cloudy days. Some hide inside their beds covered in layers upon layers of blankets to protect themselves from the darkness, others carry on without a care whether…

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