Know your meats!

Useful information!

Sweet J

No one diet works for everyone. We are all different. Some people thrive on a meatless, no animal byproduct diet, while others thrive on a high-protein, ‘meatful’ one. No matter what works for you, it’s important to know where your food comes from, especially meats. There are way too many farms out there using an unsafe, unclean production process. When we eat from those farms, not only are we supporting their process, but we are inheriting everything the animal went through and everything it ate. So, why risk it?

We hear so much about buying organic, grass-fed, and/or natural foods. But it can be a little confusing when you get to that Whole Foods meat counter…there’s a whole bunch of different grade levels, some of them are grass-fed, some aren’t, the guy at the counter wants to know what you need and they all look the same! What does it…

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