What the World Eats – Photo Slideshow

I thought this was pretty cool – seeing what other countries eat. Here is a slideshow of selected pictures from Menzel, P. and F. D’Aluisio (2007) Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. Material World.

Notice how much meat and vegetables are consumed. Also, notice what type of drinks are consumed e.g. sodas, water, alcoholic beverages…..

What are your thoughts? Which country resembles how you eat today?

2 thoughts on “What the World Eats – Photo Slideshow

  1. Really interesting! I live in Australia but I don’t really eat as much junk food as the people in the photograph. Argh, the American family? Hoping that’s not representative of the nation!! I love the inclusion of the beer in the German photograph. Haha. Thanks for sharing this post

    • Hi Laura, yes, unfortunately, the photo of what American families eat pretty much represents the entire nation. I am originally from Ukraine, so I was shocked at seeing all the junk food when I came to the states 22 years ago.

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