9 Tips on How to Organize Your Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen like me, you are probably struggling with keeping it organized….I know I do. So here are 9 tips that will help you organize your kitchen just a bit. Feel free to share this your own tips by commenting below!

Red Carnations in the Kitchen

Tip #1: Storing Flatware (Silver)

Line your kitchen drawers with tarnish-controlling mats for your silver. This eliminates stacking, allowing it to lay flat, in a single layer.

Tip #2: Storing Food in Clear Containers

Transfer dry ingredients (pastas, rice, flour, etc.) into airtight, glass or plastic containers. This allows you to see what you have and what foods you need to buy more of. Use removable decals to label the containers. Download these stick-to-it-labels template. Purchase clear decals for windows at avery.com.


Tip #3: Refrigerator Turntable

Use a small turntable to place things such as ketchup bottles, jams, and anything you would typically place on refrigerator doors. This gives you easy access and saves space.

Tip #4: Storing Wine Bottle

Make your own wine rack using PVC pipes from a hardware store and save money on buying really expensive wine racks from the store. Here is an article on how to make it.

Tip #5: Storing Teacups

Place cup over saucer, in neat stacks of no more than three or four.


Tip #6: Kitchen’s Little Helper

Use a cake stand to place items such as salt, pepper, and other seasonings. The stand makes it easier for you to reach for these items when cooking, and allows you to organize the spices around the base for easy access.


Tip #7: DIY Funnel for Dry Ingredients

Make transferring dry ingredients to jars and containers easy when using a paper funnel. Cut a triangle from one end of the envelope, snip off corner, and open into a code. If you have large amounts of ingredients to transfer, use a big manila envelope instead.


Tip #8: String Dispenser from a Flowerpot

Buy (or reuse) a small flowerpot (preferably with a glossy, colorful exterior) and turn it upside down on the kitchen countertop. Put kitchen string ball underneath the flowerpot and pull the string through the hole on the bottom of the flowerpot. This gives you easy access to the string when tying up a bundle of herbs or a chicken.


Tip #9: Tray Divider for Drinking Glasses

Buy or use a serving tray that fits into your cupboard. Place a non-slid mat in the tray and place glasses upside down, this will protect the glass rims. Set another tray on top and arrange smaller glasses upside down on top of tray.





Photos source: http://www.marthastewart.com


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