Eat for 5 days, starve for 2 – What?


The Fast Diet? Really? I was watching the Rachael Ray Show today and one of the guests was a gentleman by the name of Dr. Michael Mosley, the author of The Fast Diet who revealed his secret behind the new weight-loss craze. He explains, “what you do is eat what you normally would five days a week, and for two days a week you cut down to about a quarter of the calories.” When asked if this diet is for everyone he responded by saying that teens, people with health issues, or people with type I diabetes should not try this diet. Umm…isn’t this most of the population? I am not saying everyone has health problems, or are a teenager, but a good percentage of the population are, and the “fast diet” is not for them. In my opinion, Mr. Mosley clearly did not do much research before coming out with this ridiculous scam. What kills me is that, they only showed one viewer who tried this so-called fast diet for a week and she lost 4.5 pounds. We all know that water is the first thing the person loses when they start a diet and exercise routine. Hence, the large weight loss numbers that contestants have in the first week of the Biggest Loser show. I think that Mr. Mosley’s main concern is to make money off of his book, which by the way will be followed by a documentary due to come out in April. All people are different, some lose inches, some lose pounds, others lose both, so why are these diets targeted for everyone? I personally don’t believe in diets, I say eat everything in moderation. A 100 years ago our grandparents and great grandparents didn’t have the South Beach Diet or Adkins, and they were healthy and lived long lives. So what changed? Is it greed? Does everything have to be about stuffing pockets full of money at the public’s health expense? How about getting people to move more? Good ole’ exercise and eating in moderation is key to living a healthy life. If diets work for you, great. I for one prefer to lose weight the old fashioned way – by exercising!

Will you be buying a copy of “The Fast Diet”? If not, tell us why!

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