Kitchen Tip! Keeping mashed potatoes warm

Many home cooks asked how to keep mashed potatoes warm if you made them ahead of time for dinner. If you decided to make mashed potatoes for dinner and your family is running late, you can ensure that the potatoes will be piping hot and have the same consistency as when you made them even if you serve them hours later. Here is what you do:

  • Make the mashed potatoes as you usually do – season and mash them.
  • You will make a bainmarie (or water bath). Add an inch of water to a small pot/pan- Put the pot with the water on very low heat and place the pot with the mashed potatoes inside the one with the water. The smaller container, filled with mashed potatoes fits inside the outer container, filled with water. Bring the water to simmer on very low heat. The insulating action of the water will help keep the mashed potatoes of the inner pot from boiling or scorching.
  • The potatoes will stay warm for hours, just be sure to add extra water to the bottom pan to prevent burning.

Your setup should look similar to this. In addition, you can also melt chocolate and keep other sauces warm using this very same method!


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