Biggest Pet Peeve When Dining Out in Restaurants

Hmm, just one? Well I got several. Where do I even begin? While I enjoy going out to eat at nice places with the family, I also get aggravated by a few things while I am there. Let’s start with the most annoying, screaming kids! Parents become “deaf” to their crying/screaming children and we are the ones who have to sit there and take it, not fair right? Parents should take the crying child outside until he/she calms down, and let others dine in peace.

When I go to a restaurant, the first thing I look at is their health inspection score, if it’s below 85, I am out of there. I don’t care how minor their incidents were at the time of the inspection, if they get anything lower than a B, it’s asta-la-vista baby! Another pet peeve of mine when dining out is coming to a restaurant that has dirty booths and tables. Gross!!! I hate it when I wear clean pants or a dress and have to sit in those greasy chairs. What I don’t get is, most of the cleaning staff first wipes the table, then wipes the chair with THE SAME CLOTH, so if there was grease on the table, it’s now all over the chair too. Oh and don’t get me started on dirty silverware. Sometimes I noticed little pieces of food stuck on the forks and knives, disgusting!

Want to know the best way how to tell if a restaurant is good? Check out their restroom, if it’s clean, you know the rest of the place will be too.

So what’s your biggest pet peeve when dining out? Would love to hear from ya!

2 thoughts on “Biggest Pet Peeve When Dining Out in Restaurants

  1. I agree with you on the wiping of the tables and seats. I also hate being arse to elbow in a restaurant and hear your neighbors conversation loud and clear. I found an ant in a salt shaker at a local eatery – had them remove both shakers, wrapped silverware and wipe down the table again – YUCK! My BIGGEST Pet Peeve is fine dining bringing TVs into the dining area – cannot stand that – just tacky!!!

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