Cherry Bundt Cake

Made this Bundt cake with Russian sour cherries last night. It is absolutely delish! The contrast between the sweet cake and the sour cherries is absolutely wonderful. I make it with organic ingredients: eggs, sour cream, and butter.

A few of my friends put in their order for me to bake them one for the holidays. If interested, contact me for pricing.

I am also offering a class on baking this cake, so email me if you’re interested in learning how to make this!!!

One thought on “Cherry Bundt Cake

  1. Marina, my name is Lesia and I came across your site when looking for a sour cherry recipe. I see that you do not have a recipe posted here. Is it possible to get this recipe, do you provide them or sell it. Anyway please reply your cake looks magnificent and I would like to learn how to make it.

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