Restaurant Review (1/10/10) – Bahama Breeze

Decided to post reviews of Atlanta restaurants. My hubby and I like to try out different restaurants and since he says that I am the biggest food critic out there, I will try to write detailed reviews of my dining experiences from now on. Today’s pick – Bahamas Breeze.

Type of cuisine: The dishes served at this restaurant are Caribbean-inspired. The usual jerk chicken and tropical drinks make up most of the menu.

The atmosphere: If you go between 2pm-4pm, you might have to wait a few minutes to be seated. Even though the restaurant is huge, it seemed as though only half of it was actually opened to diners. Along with your meal, you will enjoy Caribbean music playing in the background. Definitely makes you feel like you’re in Bahamas.

The service: Service can sometimes be slow, even though the place is half empty. The servers are very friendly, but they are not in a hurry to take your order or take your plates after you’re done eating. Maybe we are spoiled, but I don’t really like staring at dirty plates after I’ve eaten. Since the atmosphere is pretty laid back, the servers seem to be as well.

The food: Oh, well, what can I say? If you are looking for a more “authentic” Caribbean food, I would go to one of those ma and pa type of places. This place is more geared towards “Americans”. I always thought that Jerk chicken is usually spicy and full of flavors. For an appetizer, we ordered West Indie Beef Patties. They are pastry-filled ground beef patties with a touch of spice served with sour cream and fruit salsa. Pretty tasty! I decided to try something new and I ordered a Chef’s special. I got a grilled salmon with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. The fish and the broccoli were so overcooked, it’s crazy. I like tender broccoli, but this was waaaaay too mushy. Salmon was dry because they overcooked it and lost that flaky, delicate texture that I was craving for. Of course, nobody can argue, their garlic mashed potatoes are pretty darn tasty. If only I could say the same for the rest of the items on my plate. My hubby ordered Jerk spiced BBQ ribs. They were good, but no jerk seasoning on them what-so-ever. Did they forget to put it in?

Overall experience: I like the atmosphere, a good place to come  and hand out with your friends. Just be forewarned that some of the tropical drinks are $8.50, so if you are ready to splurge, go right ahead. The food is mediocre, but edible to say the least. We’ll probably be back, but I will stay away from the salmon. Their coconut shrimp are really good – that’s what I ordered the first time we went. I’ll probably stick with that dish if we come back.

My score: 70% [out of possible 100%]


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