Macaroni po-flotski (Sailor’s macaroni)

So I bought a new kitchen gadget yesterday. I remembered this one Russian dish that my mom used to make (and still does) when I was little. It’s called Macaroni po-flotski. (to translate into English: ‘Sailor’s Macaroni’). In order to make the recipe, it’s required that you have a meat grinder. I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday, it’s actually an attachment – which will work wonderfully with my KitchenAid stand mixer.

Macaroni po-flotski is a wonderful dish for everyday menu. The name comes from the marine. This dish is usually served to sea men, because it is really easy to make. Macaroni po-flotski is a perfect dish for new cooks, there are only a few ingredients to use.

Here’s the original recipe:

You might want to do some conversion, this is a Russian recipe site and they use the metric system for measurements. One note about the recipe, I don’t fry the meat. I bought one rack of ribs, boiled it with onions for 3 hours. Then, I would the meat off the bone and grind it. Then, fry onions, and add to the cooked macaroni and meat, along with butter, salt, and pepper. Toss all together.


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